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    How to fit a Speech Dialler to a Hard-Wired alarm System

    How to fit a Speech Dialler to a Hard-Wired alarm System

    This article describes the fitting of a Speech Dialler or a Speech & Text dialler to an alarm system. References to Speech Diallers include Speech and Text Diallers.


    Speech diallers are a useful addition to any alarm system and can indeed be fitted to any alarm system. However to utilise the full capabilities of the Speech Dialler, the following should be noted.

    • Alarm Control Panels are available in two classes with regard to speech diallers (and digital communicators); Bells Only Panels and Panels which have communicator outputs.
    • On a Bells Only control Panel the Speech dialler is triggered from the bell trigger and can thus only deliver one type of message. There is also no bell delay possible on Bells Only Control Panels.
    • Control Panels with communicator outputs have specific outputs for different alarm types. They also have a bell delay facility which allows the dialler to operate before the sounders kick in.

    The following control panels are bells only.

    • Honeywell (ADE) Optima Compact
    • Texecom Veritas 8, Veritas 8 Compact, Veritas R8

    The following control panels have dedicated communicator outputs.

    • Scantronic 9448EUR90 and EUR95 (limited to 2 outputs)
    • Scantronic 9x5x series
    • Texecom Veritas R8+ and Veritas Excel
    • Texecom Premier Elite Range
    • Honeywell Galaxy
    • Menvier M series
    • Castle Caretech Euro series


    Speech diallers will typically automatically dial a preset number of telephone numbers (if the first dialled number is not answered then the next number in the list is dialled and so on) and deliver one common (user-recorded) message and up to four different (user-recorded) messages. In the case of a Speech and Text dialler, text messages can be sent to any phone capable of receiving text messages. Which of the four messages is delivered depends on the type of alarm triggered (e.g. Intruder, Personal Attack, Fire and other). Note: this does not apply to Bells Only Panels where only one alarm message can be delivered.

    All speech diallers have the basic features mentioned above and some speech diallers have additional features - text messaging being the obvious addition. Other features include facilities such as listen-in, talk-back and remote control of the dialler, to mention just a few.

    Connections to The Speech Dialler

    All speech diallers require 12v +/- power (2 cores) and tamper (2 cores) and at least one trigger (2 cores). Additional triggers require one core each. Hence in a fully triggered set-up 8 cores are required. This can be reduced to 6 if the tamper circuit is not used, but this is NOT recommended.

    Connections to the speech dialler should be as discreet as possible. For example if the dialler is fitted adjacent to the control panel then the unit should abut the control panel such that the connection from the Control Panel to the Speech Dialler cannot be accessed. Similarly the connection from the Speech Dialler to the telephone network should leave via the rear of the dialler and then be routed discreetly to the telephone connection point. The connection to the telephone system should be hard-wired into the rear of the telephone socket and the cable firmly secured.

    If you have broadband internet connection on the telephone line then a suitable filter must be installed.

    Positioning The Speech Dialler

    The speech dialler can be positioned adjacent to the control panel (within the control panel for the Scantronic 660) or remote from it. Ideally the speech dialler should be fitted inside the control panel or remotely from it. Because the speech dialler has to be accessed for progranmming only occasionally, it can be positioned in relatively inaccessible places.

    If the speech dialler is fitted remotely then the triggers should be comfigured as normally closed such that if any trigger wires are removed or cut then the dialler will operate. Also note that if the power supply to the Speech Dialler is removed then the dialler will not operate - for extra security a back-up power supply should be provided - see below.

    Back-up Power Supply

    As mentioned above if the power supply is removed from the speech dialler then the unit will not operate. Speech Diallers fitted remotely are more at risk.

    Ideally a back-up power supply to the speech dialler would consist of a mains powered PSU and back-up battery. However a simpler slightly les secure method is to install a small 12v power supply near the speech dialler.

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