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    MCS730 (Plus) Powermax External Sounder & Strobe Battery Operated (868MHz) Maximize

    Visonic MCS730 (Plus) Powermax External Sounder & Strobe Battery Operated (868MHz)

    The MCS-730 (Plus) is a self-powered, fully-wireless outdoor (IP55) siren and strobe. It requires no external power source and is easily installed without any cabling work, enabling installation even where wiring is difficult or impossible. Compatible with the Powermax Express, Powermax Complete, PowerMaxPro, and later versions of PowerMax Plus

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    This fully-supervised siren features anti-collision PowerCode™ technology and provides visual notifications of intrusions, fire alarms, low battery voltage or communication disruptions and auditory squawk notifications of arming and disarming. This enables home owners to arm and disarm the system from outside the house using a keyfob and receive audible and visual verification of system status. This valuable capability prevents false alarms due to breach of entry/exit delay settings. MCS-710 Features   Wireless connection between control panel and siren

    • Compatible with Powermax Pro, Complete, Express and late-model Plus control panels.
    • Battery operation with no additional power supply required (battery life up to 3 years - typically 2years)
    • Supplied with 1  3.6v battery
    • 2nd Battery option - the sounder can be fitted with an additional 3.6v battery in order to extend the battery life.
    • Supplied with Blue and Red interchangeable lenses.
    • Comfort LED Option
    • Double plastic cover for extra protection against harsh external conditions (IP55)
    • Convenient and rapid no-mess installation
    • Audible and visual arming and disarming notifications
    • Fully-supervised two-way communication for local and remote diagnostics
    • Status, tamper, low battery and supervision reports to the control panel
    • Triple tamper protection
    • Self-test feature that allows users to check the siren and strobe lights prior to installation
    • 100 dB Piezo siren and high-power strobe light
    • Supplied with fixings and bell box sticker

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