Visonic Powermax Wireless Alarms

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    The Visonic Powermax range of wireless alarm systems are the most cost-effective, reliable, professional-quality, fully-supervised systems currently on the market.  The systems are easy to fit by a competent DIYer, and can be installed in a few hours.  The range of features is unrivalled.  The system can be configured as a quite simple wireless alarm system through to a very sophisticated security solution with live monitoring through cameras and home automation using X-10. 

    Full compliance with most international standards and regulations, including: FCC, CE and EN50131 grade 2.

    We have the widest range of massively discounted kits available ex-stock.

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    An overview of the various Powermax Wireless Alarm Kits and their contents is listed here Visonic Popwermax Kits - Contents.

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    The Visonic Powermax Range comprises fully wireless burglar alarm systems based upon three control panels - the compact Powermax Express, the best selling Powermax Complete and the fully featured Powermax Pro.  The major differences between the panels are listed in the Visonic Powermax Comparison Table.  In order to help you choose which Powermax sytem is suitable for your requirements the article Designing Visonic Powermax Alarm Systems will help. 

    Also checkout the Powermax FAQs.

    The powermax range is a fully wireless alarm system operating on the narrowband 868MHz frequency and uses Code Secure technology to prevent hacking.  Each control panel has 28 wireless zones - one detector can be enrolled to a zone.

    In addition to the detectors the system can have up to 2 wireless external (MCS730), or internal (MCS720) sounders enrolled, up to 2 remote keypads (MCM140 or MKP151) and up to 8 remote keyfobs (MCT234 or MCT237).  Note: these do not use any of the 28 detector zones,

    The Powermax Pro and Complete models are also fitted with Proximity readers and up to 8 tags can be learnt to the system.

    The system has 2 setting modes - Home and Away.  In addition, the Pro and Complete models can have up to 3 partitions.  A partition can be considered as a separate alarm system.


    • Powermax Complete (868MHz)

      The Visonic Powermax Complete system is similar to the Powermax plus in operation. It now has Partitioning and is fitted with a Proximity reader.

      The Powermax Complete is usually supplied as pre-enrolled kits.  We have created a few variants such as substituting the battery powered sounder with the Mains powered unit and the choice of standard or Pet-friendly PIRs.

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    • Powermax Keypads & Arming

      This section contains the Remote Keypads (RKPs), wireless Keyfobs and Proximity Tags for use with the Powermax range of control panels operating on 868MHz.  The panels can have up to 8 one-way keypads (MCM140) and up to 2 two-way keypads (MKP151) enrolled.  Each panel can have up to 8 wireless keyfobs which can be a mixture of the one-way (MCT234) and the two-way (MCT237) models.  The Powermax complete and Pro models have in-built proximity readers.  They can have up to 8 proximity tags registered which can be a mixture of the standard size tags or the mini (chicklet) tags.

    • Powermax Wireless Detectors

      All the detectors in this section are on the narrow band 868MHz frequency and are compatible with the Powermax Pro, Complete and Express control panels (NB: they are not compatible with the Visonic Powermaster system or wireless alarms from other manufacturers - even though they may be on the same frequency).  A maximum of 28 wireless detectors can be enrolled to each of the control panels.  For ease of navigation, we have placed the detectors into the sub-categories below.

    • Powermax Alarm Batteries

      This section contains the batteries used in the Powermax range of control panels, sounders and detectors.  NB: all powermax devices ordered from us are supplied with the correct batteries

      See the article - Powermax Batteries for a list of devices and their batteries.

    • Powermax Wireless Sirens

      All the sounders listed below are compatible with the Powermax Express, Complete and Pro models operating on 868mHz frequency.

      The Powermax range of control panels can have up to 2 wireless sounders.

    • Powermax Communication

      The Powermax powerlink module can be used with the pro, Complete and Express models to connect the alarm system to the internet.  The PC based software allows monitoring control of the alarm system.  For an insight into its capabilities have a look at the Installation/User manual.

    • Powermax USB & RS232 Modules

      The Powermax Pro, Complete and Express models can be fitted with the GSM350 module.  The GSM350 is a cellular communication module which is fitted inside the control panel.   It needs to be fitted with a SIM card which can be Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) or contract.  The GSM350 also provides GPRS connectivity for data connection to a monitoring station.  The Powermax panels can also be connected locally to a PC over an RS232 link.  This allows the system to be programmed and monitored locally.

    • Powermax Receivers (868MHz)

      In addition to the Powermax control panels Visonic also produce two receivers which can be used to receive wireless signals from the Visonic Powermax range of devices.  The output from the receivers can then be used for a variety of applications such as adding wirelessly arming/disarming a hard wired alarm control panel or adding wireless detectors to a hard-wired control panel.  They can also be used (via a suitably rated relay)  to switch powered devices such as electric gates.