Pyronix (Castle) Enforcer Wireless Burglar Alarms

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    The Enforcer is a complete two way wireless control panel from Castle, using wireless devices manufactured by Pyronix. Two way wireless technology is a vital part of the system that keeps it reliable and provides a major advantage to the installer. Each device on the Enforcer is a transmitter and a receiver, offering the installer a status reading at both the Enforcer control panel, and the wireless device. This is known as the Signal Strength Indicator (SSI). For example, if installing the wireless detector, the installer will be able to see via LEDs on the device if the location is suitable. This means that the installer will know while holding the device in place if the signal strength is acceptable and therefore whether it is safe to install the device (before drilling and mounting). The SSI (Signal Strength Indicator) can be displayed at both the wireless device and the control panel. Either way, a reading can be requested to see how good or bad the wireless signal is at the device. The two way technology is also integrated into the wireless keyfobs. A user will be able to identify the status of the Enforcer by looking at the status LEDs: